Jane Fonda Is Not Pumped About the Boob Song

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Old school badass Jane Fonda was none too pleased with Seth MacFarlane's "We Saw Your Boobs" jam at the Oscars on Sunday, and she said as much on her blog.

"Remember that this is a telecast seen around the world watched by families with their children and to many this is neither appropriate or funny," Fonda wrote on her official web site Wednesday. "I agree with someone who said, 'If they want to stoop to that, why not list all the penises we've seen?'"


For the record, because this still doesn't seem to be clear to a lot of people, it's not that Seth MacFarlane specifically is the source of all the sexism in the world. It's that Seth MacFarlane's unquestioned, widespread appeal is a symptom of a much, much larger problem that needs to be addressed. If there had been one belittling "woman joke" in that awards show, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. But there were TEN. At least. Can you imagine if there were ten jokes about black people in a single Oscar telecast? Would we be justified in saying that MacFarlane—and the viewers who saw no problem with those jokes—had issues with race? I have nothing against MacFarlane personally, but we need to exame why this shit is okay with so many people. [CBS]

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I just love it so much when Jennifer Lawrence talks.

"My publicist told me that a magazine was going to say I was having a thing with either [The Hunger Games: Catching Fire's] Sam Claflin or Bradley Cooper, and I got to choose. And I chose Bradley Cooper because I love Sam's fiancee [actress Laura Haddock] so much," Lawrence said. "Sam is so sweet. So sweet that he's almost not hot anymore."

Cooper, whose on-and-off romance with Zoe Saldana ended in December 2012, is even getting assistance from Lawrence in the dating department. "I feel like all I've been doing lately is setting him up," the actress revealed. "I was like, 'You know what? I'm gonna save time and just get you a booklet with pictures of my friends. You just go through and pick them out, because this is getting exhausting.'"



Ice-T and Coco are not breaking up, so don't listen to any of those mean rumors, you guys. Ice continues to really really really love Coco. Like, a lot.

"Ice and Coco are doing totally fine," Coco's rep exclusively tells E!. "Those papers are fake. They are not addressing rumors or the photos (her posing with that rapper) and are moving forward happily."

In December provocative photos of Coco with rapper AP.9 surfaced; she immediately apologized to her hubby.

And if that's not enough proof the lovebirds are still together, Coco posted a pic on her WhoSay page of her and Ice looking very cozy together while celebrating his birthday last week.

"With my birthday boy on his special day.. #LOVE," she captioned the photo.

If there's one thing I know about Ice, it's that he loves Coco. Ice loves Coco. [E!]



Ryan Murphy says he totally called it about Lea Michele and Cory Monteith's romance, because he has awesome bore-dar.

Who does Lea Michele credit for making her offscreen romance with Cory Monteith possible? Ryan Murphy of course.

"Yes, I would definitely say he is my matchmaker for sure," the Glee star said last night at the PaleyFest Icon Award presentation in Beverly Hills.

Murphy says he saw the sparks flying right away between two.

"I directed them in their first scene together and they had that sort of chemistry that you can't fake, and I said, 'Uh-oh,'" Murphy recalled. "So I did kind of know. I take credit."


Doodly doo. [E!]

  • You can rent William Randolph Hearst's Beverly Hills mansion for $600k a month! I mean, w-evs, call me when Hearst Castle is for sale and then also loan me 1 billion dollars. [E!]
  • Pauly D says that Snooki used to be crazy but then she "flipped a switch" and now she's the best mother evar. [ContactMusic]
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  • Headline: "PUFFY COMBS WANTS YOU TO DRINK HIS WATER." [JanetCharlton]
  • Kanye West borrowed my outfit again without asking. [LifeFiles]



I know it has been said a million times but why do we ignore all the problematic things J Law has said?

Like, Katniss is like a male hero but with a vagina?

Or the horrible transphobic cat thing against Chaz Bono on Ellen where Ellen looked like she wanted to slap her?

Or freely using the D-word the describe herself as a tomboy? Or that she despises socially anxious people?

I mean, there is SO much hate against Anne Hathaway here and it's just like, she has never even said anything offensive...she is always perfectly lovely.