Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Still Insist They're 'Very Close' Friends. 'So Close.' Right.

Images via Getty.
Images via Getty.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, true and actual friends (for real!), continue to insist on telling the world that they like each other, despite evidence to the contrary.


When asked about doing the sex scenes Fifty Shades Darker required at the movie’s premiere in Los Angeles on Thursday, Dornan told to Entertainment Tonights:

“I was only cast five weeks before we started filming the first movie, and that’s when I met Dakota [Johnson] for the first time. [Now] it’s been three years, [and] Dakota and I are very close. We’ve got a great sort of love and respect for each other. We’re great friends and I think that makes it easier, you know? So it’s definitely more comfortable.”

Could that be read as, it took him three whole years to barely tolerate her? Is Dornan’s use of the word “definitely” supposed to convince us he’s telling the truth? Johnson recently tried to pull a fast one on us as well in a Vogue cover story. Again at the premiere, she corroborated the friendship, telling ET:

“It never gets [easy], but because we’ve become so close it was a lot easier to make the scenes special. It was definitely not as petrifying as the first time.”

Very close super close great friends, got it.

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