James Woods' Agent Apparently Felt Too 'Patriotic' to Represent Him Any Longer

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Woods (a political prick) said he was dropped by his agent, Ken Kaplan, on Independence Day.


If by “patriotic” he means “tired of James Woods’ condescending and dehumanizing BS” then we are in complete agreement!


Woods, of course, is an outspoken conservative, who proudly voted for Donald Trump (for instance). There’s also the matter of his supposed retirement (psych?). In September, Amber Tamblyn accused Woods of hitting on her when she was 16 (this he denies).

He’s also, obviously, super into free speech, although curiously he does not seem to like the words “go away” when directed at him. That’s gotta take its toll.

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Tired of the “free speech” canard.  Free doesn’t mean free from consequences.  Ain’t this suppose to be the personal responsibility folk?