James Franco's Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? Remake Is Maybe a Same-Sex Vampire Love Story

As you likely know, James Franco is remaking the Lifetime classic Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? We are now learning that his unique spin on the made-for-TV staple will involve a same-sex relationship and also it’ll be a “vampire love story.”

That’s according to Vulture:

Per Lifetime’s description of the 2016 Mother, the film now has college-age theater major Leah (George) surprising her mom Julie (Spelling) with a new love interest— a woman named Pearl (played by The Leftovers alum Emily Meade, who also stars in Franco’s upcoming HBO series The Deuce.) “Julie tries to embrace the idea of Leah’s new love interest, but she can’t shake the feeling that something is very wrong,” Lifetime’s official log line for the movie reads. “Julie’s suspicions lead to a startling discovery about Pearl that puts Leah in serious danger. Will Julie be able to save her daughter from an eternity of heartache before it’s too late?”


Lifetime says it’s a “vampire love story that brings a whole new meaning to ‘sleeping with danger.’”

Tori Spelling, originally the one with the very bad boyfriend, will play the mother this go-round, while her daughter will be played by Leila George. Ivan Sergei—the original cast’s murderer—will return, and James Franco will also star. It premieres June 18.

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