James Franco Reviews Gatsby, Is Reminded of Fingerbanging

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James Franco penned a review of The Great Gatsby for Vice. A few highlights:

There have been objections to his use of 3D, but frankly it’s a nonissue. It works, and is neither distracting nor game changing . You just deal with it because you want to. It’s fun to watch.

And, more importantly:

Gatsby’s desire is revealed to be that of a 16-year-old boy: not only does he want to win Daisy, he wants to control her affections. It reminds me of my high school relationships, where I tortured girlfriends for getting fingered by other boys when they were freshmen. Just move on, dude.


Tortured. Fingered. Dude.

But ultimately:

In the end, Luhrmann made it work, and that’s all that matters. The movie held together. We watched the story, we felt things, we were transported and we were engaged.


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