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James Corden Will Host the Grammys, Make It Less Boring

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

James Corden, the late night host we initially treated like a tourist asking for directions when we’re in a rush, will host the Grammy Awards in February, taking the place of LL Cool J. This is an actual good idea.


After a lengthy adjustment period, it appears that we’ve accepted Corden into our hearts, so we’re okay with this decision, especially since he did a great job hosting the Tony Awards earlier this year. Recording Academy president and CEO Neil Portnow said in a statement, “He’s got big shoes to fill after the magnificent run we had with LL Cool J, but James Corden is a commanding, dynamic showman who, we believe, is perfect to host the Grammy Awards.”

LL Cool J and his struggling dad jokes have hosted the Grammys for the past five years and people will miss him, but it’s time for some new blood even if it means Carpool Karaoke will be force fed to us on stage.


The Grammys will air February 12 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Yeah. James Corden is fine. Just like Fallon is fine. He and Fallon really are basically the same, right? I enjoy their musical bits and their games, but they are both ass kissers which makes me cringe sometimes.

ETA: Nice people are the worst? Am I right or am I the worst?