If you’re a little Broadway Baby, you’re going to absolutely love this. Or take joy in criticizing it, whatever turns your stage lights on.

It’s pretty amazing that James Corden has figured out that people will watch 11 minutes of celebrities driving around in a car looking cramped. This particular edition of Carpool Karaoke is sponsored by James Corden Hosts The Tony Awards, and he called on some big names. We’ve got Lin-Manuel Miranda kicking it off with “Guns and Ships,” and Corden knows Lafayette’s verse in a very “I practiced this a lot” way. Then Audra McDonald, Jane Krakowski, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson are picked up off a street corner for the rest of the ride. That’s when things get very musical theatre camp.

It’s very hard to look at Jane Krakowski and not see 30 Rock’s Jenna Maroney. I kept thinking she must hate being in the back, which is probably true. Corden is hosting the Tony Awards on Sunday, June 12.


Screenshot via The Late Late Show.

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