Some Jackrabbits finally decided to live up to their name and multiply all over one North Dakota Development. At first the jackrabbits were welcome. "Right away I thought they were real cute," said one resident. "And now they're becoming a big nuisance," she said of the 40 to 50 jackrabbits she sees running across her lawn every morning.

Apparently the city can't do anything either:

She said the city pest control department told her that they couldn't do anything about the jackrabbits, technically wild hares, because they were wild animals.

Problem is, there is no city ordinance that addresses the depopulation of rabbits, Fargo Police told ABC News.


The rabbits, described as being the size of tiny dogs, look like they are heeding the words of singer Jamie Lidell: "take a trip and multiply." According to ABC, a female jackrabbit can bear 9 offspring and up to 4 litters a year. So that means each female jackrabbit can have 36 jackrabbit babies a year and that's FUCKING insane.