Bruno Mars & company will neither confirm nor deny that (as Dodai postulated) they used a stripper double for Freida Pinto in Mars's new video.


"Me and Bruno went to probably seven or eight strip clubs, you know, for research," Duddy laughed. "We'd be in there on, say, a Tuesday night, we'd walk in, and the few people that were actually in there were watching the dancers, but we'd be looking at the architecture of the place for inspiration. And then we'd have our one drink and leave."

...And while he's got plenty of of stories from the making of the video, Duddy wouldn't weigh in on the debate that's arisen since "Gorilla's" debut: Namely, was that really Pinto working the pole, or did she use a stunt stripper?

"Oh, man," he laughed. "I wish I could answer that, but this is where I hop off the phone!"


Is there a reason why I should be caring about this as much as he seems to think I care about this? Like, why be cagey about utterly inconsequential details? Ugh, I hate when people trick me into paying attention to them. [MTV]


Chris Noth says he was asked to lose weight for the Sex and the City movie.

The Good Wife star, 58, recently told HuffPost Live that he was asked to shed some weight to play Carrie Bradshaw's central love interest in the blockbuster.

"When we were doing the movie of Sex and the City, [director and creator] Michael Patrick King came up to me and said, 'Listen dude, we're not calling you Mr. Big because of the size of your stomach, so go lose that before we start,'" Noth joked.

Back in 2009 he gave Us Weekly exclusive details on his weight loss process for the film. The veteran actor traveled to Brazil for the "Island Experience on Ilha Grande."

While there, he maintained a vegetarian diet and participated in a series of outdoor activities including yoga, hiking, and kayaking.


Yeah! Just eat less, exercise more, fat people! ...At a yoga resort! ...In Brazil! [Us]

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