J.Lo Scrolled Through Her Phone During Mariah Carey's Billboard Set

Like the Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr of pop music, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez brought their nearly two-decade-long feud to Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards.


Shots (...of attitude) were fired when Lopez, sitting in the highly visible front row of the theater, chose to scroll through her phone instead of watching Carey’s performance of “Infinity.” At the end of the song, J.Lo, looking infinitely bored, clapped politely and refused to smile.

The pair’s feud goes back to 1998, when Sony had both Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez record the same song (”Do You Know Where You’re Going To”) and reached its peak in 2000, when Tommy Mottola (Sony executive and Carey’s ex-husband) leaked to Lopez that Carey was planning on sampling the disco song “Firecracker” on an upcoming single, “Loverboy.” Then Lopez and her producers stole the idea and used a “Firecracker” sample on “I’m Real.” They’ve been trading insults and highly gif-able moments ever since.

Thank you for maintaining status quo, ladies. It’s like watching early-aughts TRL all over again.


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I’ve seen this way too many times in the past 24 hours and I still CANNOT get over Kylie Jenner’s mouth movements. She’s like a baby learning her face. I don’t even notice JLo.