J.Lo Says Dating A-Rod Is Easier Than Dating Ben Affleck

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In the December issue of InStyle, Jennifer Lopez, the publication’s cover star, reveals that dating her current beau and rumored fiancé Alex Rodriguez is “a breeze” compared to the media circus that was Bennifer. That relationship, which ended in 2004, reached its nadir with J.Lo’s Jenny From the Block video, in which the two attempted to lambast the paparazzi which had hounded them both. Mostly, they just looked rich and tan and Ben rubbed her ass, which was allegedly ginormous by the day’s standards.

The video was released as J.Lo was promoting her film Maid in Manhattan, and according to Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, who runs the singer/actress’s production company, was mostly inopportune. She says, “I told her, ‘I’m selling you as a maid [in the film Maid in Manhattan], and you guys are driving around in Bentleys?’” Yes, Elaine. If I’m not mistaken, the Ben Affleck relationship, and that video/album were also the genesis of Jennifer referring to herself as “J.Lo,” which the rest of us quickly adopted as well. She says that her current relationship is much easier because the paparazzi and tabloids are not nearly as intense as they were back then. Social media presents its own set of challenges, which Jennifer feels are much easier to navigate. J.Lo on the era:

“It was just crazy. Now at least I can show you who I am a little bit. Back then you just believed anything you read on the cover of a tabloid,” she says to Instyle. “Many times it wasn’t true, or it was like a third of the truth.”


The Bennifer relationship is one of the most publicized celebrity relationships that I can recall. Remember the huge pink diamond engagement ring from Harry Winston? The reports claiming that J.Lo had forced Ben polish up his appearance and fix his teeth, drawing ire from his like boy gang from Boston? The sit-down interview Katie Couric? Also what a statement of the times that J.Lo’s ass, which was once heralded as gargantuan, is now apparently normal-sized?


Brad Pitt is Done Dating Celebs

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At 54 years old, Brad Pitt, slipping back into dating after his divorce from Angelina Jolie, is through with dating actresses, after having dated most of them. According to a source, Brad, who has met the majority of his past partners on set (Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Thandie Newton) or through his agent (Jennifer Aniston) is determined to date a non-famous, “normal” person. He would rather just subject a normal person to the intense scrutiny and nonstop tabloid fodder.

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Who else thinks a “normal person” means a 22 year-old yoga instructor from a wealthy family with a lifestyle blog?