J.Lo Hired a P.I. to Keep an Eye on A-Rod, and Us Weekly Is Now Taking Tips From the Enquirer

Image via Backgrid
Image via Backgrid

Us Weekly reports this week that, after some cheating allegations were unleashed on Alex Rodriguez earlier this summer by National Enquirer earlier this year, Jennifer Lopez grew worried that their relationship was “too good to be true” and hired a private investigator to “tail” him.


A source claims the two had a “huge fight” when Rodriguez found out, but that they’re “working through it.”

Sorta boring and unbelievable gossip, right? I guess! But the real story here—to me, at least—is that it’s the first time since Us Weekly was purchased by A.M.I. (the publisher run by Trump’s old pal David Pecker) that they have used a National Enquirer scoop as basis for their own reporting. National Enquirer can start the narrative with a bang (via cheating allegations and interviews with Rodriguez’s alleged other girlfriend) and Us Weekly can expand on it with a few friendlier follow-ups (she hired a P.I., but don’t worry, they’re fine). Clever strategy, I guess!

Side note: when I was running this list of topics by Jezebel Deputy Editor Kate Dries, she initially misread the headline. “For some reason I thought that just said Rod,” she confessed. “I was like, ‘Who’s Rod?’” Okay, that’s all.

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Page Six has a scoop that GMA (the greater of the major morning show evils) altered their set because George Stephanopoulos felt uncomfortable about being the shortest person at the table. Their evidence comes in the form of incredibly rude quotes from anonymous sources and a set of two before and after photos of the anchor table.

Please look at them here, as they are hilarious.

[Page Six]

I did not feel like providing any updates on the Chyna/Rob mess, but it’s clearly not bad enough that Kris needs to change her plans or get involved.


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I really hate when the Kardashians get excited about “going on vacation”. Your whole fucking life is vacation.