FINALLY. A female lead in a major film will be making more money than her male counterpart. Like, a lot more. Our hats are off to you, J.Law.

Reports Variety:

Good news: Lawrence’s next film, the romantic sci-fi drama Passengers, has just been green-lit, and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, she’s due to make much more than the movie’s male lead.

THR reports that J.Law will take home $20 million, plus a 30 percent share of the back end, for Passengers, while the success of Jurassic World has bumped Pratt’s paycheck up to $12 million. These hefty salaries have pushed the film’s budget up to an astronomical $150 million, which means that all involved are crossing their fingers this thing will be Titanic in space.

Never mind outer space: I hope Ms. Lawrence is laughing and/or making it rain all the way to the bank.

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