J.Law Will Be Making More Than Co-Star Chris Pratt on Her Next Movie

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FINALLY. A female lead in a major film will be making more money than her male counterpart. Like, a lot more. Our hats are off to you, J.Law.


Reports Variety:

Good news: Lawrence’s next film, the romantic sci-fi drama Passengers, has just been green-lit, and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, she’s due to make much more than the movie’s male lead.

THR reports that J.Law will take home $20 million, plus a 30 percent share of the back end, for Passengers, while the success of Jurassic World has bumped Pratt’s paycheck up to $12 million. These hefty salaries have pushed the film’s budget up to an astronomical $150 million, which means that all involved are crossing their fingers this thing will be Titanic in space.


Never mind outer space: I hope Ms. Lawrence is laughing and/or making it rain all the way to the bank.

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Okay, so I am in a bad mood, granted, but this is so far out of my ken as an ordinary citizen that I am not feeling it. I understand that women actors in Hollywood are up in arms over smaller paychecks than their male counterparts are granted and well they should be, but how does this impact us as a whole? So Jennifer Lawrence is making a few MILLION more than her male counterpart who may be taking home a few MILLION less. Their paychecks are still obscene comparted to what the rest of us make, and we are supposed to be dancing in the streets? Call me when we are celebrating a LIVING WAGE for ordinary Americans. Call me when the woman clerk makes enough to keep her children fed, and with the basic comforts. When she doesn’t need two full-time jobs simply so survive. With so many working Americans on food stamps and welfare (when they are lucky enough to get it), I just cannot contain my excitement (not) about J.Law making a few more million than her male lead. And I do not believe that this trickles down to the rest of us. Celebrities live in a sphere that may as well be another solar system. I wish her all happiness, but truly I think more attention might be paid to the ‘least of us’. Okay; goes to yell at kids on lawn, etc., etc., etc.