—J.K. Rowling

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on being a single mother in the UK [TimesOnline]

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I was a single mom for years. Was I vilified? A little. I was in my mid-20s and was generally seen as undateable because of my "baggage." I worked for a large computer manufacturer who shall remain unnamed but is unkind to women. I discovered my salary was lower than a male coworker's—who was hired on the same day and had an identical job to mine, with a similar background. The salary difference was significant. Their explanation? He had a family to care for. His wife and SIX KIDS. She didn't work. I guess my one measly kid didn't count for much. I'm still resentful, years later, even though I'm a lawyer now with my own business. Eff you, former coworker bastard. You know who you are.

PS, I know he didn't set his salary, but he was in general misogynistic and a complete dickwad with delusions of male entitlement.