Ivanka Trump Isn't Fooling Anybody

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In the wake of two mass shootings in under 24 hours, Ivanka Trump, the daughter of a president whose signature political battle is so profoundly white supremacist that white supremacist terrorists are echoing it in their manifestos, tweeted in support of eradicating white supremacy:


I don’t know Ivanka Trump personally, of course, so I cannot determine whether or not she is actually *against* white supremacy in theory, just as I am *against* Amazon but just used it to buy a three-month supply of L.A. Looks hair gel. What I do know, though, is that Ivanka has had every opportunity to, if not eradicate white supremacy, at least speak out against it, rather than let it grant her unwarranted security clearance and get her a fun job trying to talk to to world leaders she otherwise has no business communicating with.

Ivanka has made no effort to protect migrant children separated from their families at the border, other than to tweet that her father ended the policy (he didn’t). Ivanka made no public statements when her father spurred the crowd at a rally in North Carolina to chant, “Send her back!” at a woman of color and sitting member of Congress. Ivanka legitimized a presidential campaign that kicked off with the claim that Mexican immigrants were rapists and criminals.

Ivanka’s actually criticized her father’s administration (which, as a reminder, she works for) in the past, but never on purpose. Rather, she has a habit of saying publicly that she is against something objectively bad, but conveniently omits that she is a part of that bad thing. I suppose one day, if the tides do manage to turn against the Trumps, she can pretend she tried to speak out, but platitudes don’t hide where your money’s coming from.




She’s legit only doing this in the hopes she will get invited to the swank parties back in NYC after this whole mess is over.

But when NYC is an independent nation-state because your daddy fractured the country apart, good luck, pumpkin.