It's Your Life, It's Now or Pour Yourself a Glass of Bon Jovi's New Rosé

Photo via Getty Images/HamptonWaterWine 
Photo via Getty Images/HamptonWaterWine 

Nothing says summer like a pair of high waisted shorts, a crop top, anxiety about our increasingly fragile ozone layer, and Jon Bon Jovi. The only thing that’s missing is your favorite bottle of rosé, courtesy of JBJ himself.

Bon Jovi just launched “Diving Into Hampton Water,” a rosé inspired by tranquil summers spent in Long Island’s most exclusive suburb. And by “Bon Jovi just launched” I really mean “this was probably his son’s idea and Bon Jovi is a very supportive father.” Bon Jovi’s 23-year-old son, Jesse, is the one who came up with the name and concept of the rosé in the first place.

No matter whose idea this is, Hampton Water rosé is clearly a labor of love!


The rosé was a huge hit at the South Beach Food and Wine festival. In fact, attendees might have cleaned out its entire American stock! A spokesperson for Hampton Water told Town and Country that the wine has, “Sold out of all retailers...More cases are being air freighted from the South of France where it is made.”

Thank God.

If you need your Hampton Water fix sooner rather than later, kick back and visit their official website. There, you’ll find a titillating write up about the label’s mascot: A woman diving into an endless abyss of what we can assume is Diving Into Hampton Water rosé:

The Girl: Graceful, elegant, and always adventurous, her name is Pink, and our girl sure knows how to get the party started. We recommend you follow her lead because when Pink’s around the fun is never far behind. But be warned when you’re with our girl you never know when day might turn to night….and night into day.

Fuck, she’s cool—and messy—as hell.

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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