Let me be honest: I audibly gasped at the outcome of Final Four voting, and the heat was as close as could be.

In the Childhood Division, you voted for Long Summer Vacations over Everything Is Free by a tiny fraction, 51.88 percent vs. 48.12 percent. Just when it looked like not having to pay for anything was going to eke through to the end, your desire for three months off overtook it. I’m shocked!

And now, in the final division, it will go up against Getting a Raise, which beat out Short Summer Vacations (But With Alcohol) by a good distance at 76 percent.

Last call, friends. Which category will overcome in the great battle of Childhood versus Adulthood, a battle that ultimately comes down to matters of freedom and responsibility? Do you prefer Long Summer Vacations? Or would you rather spend your time Getting a Raise?


I trust you to choose wisely and with a sense of great responsibility. We’ll emerge with our winner in 24 hours.