Image via NBC.

Do you know where your children are?

They’re learning that she’s loving her fellow anchors, especially Tom Brokaw, with whom she’s “forged a fast friendship”!

Who knows if her morning show will be a part of Today; they all laugh about the rumors!


She doesn’t want to talk about Roger Ailes or Bill O’Reilly and thinks Fox News is “rebuilding”!


Seriously, really, no comment on Roger Ailes or Bill O’Reilly.

Her last show wasn’t really the best fit for her!


You might see Donald Trump at some point, but also maybe not!

Here’s where we mention Oprah!


Remember, she has something coming with Putin, but her senior executive producer David Corvo and her executive producer Liz Cole say 60 Minutes shouldn’t worry about a thing!

Other interviews include Erin Andrews and J.D. Vance!