It's True, Pumpkin Spice Is Creeping Up On You Earlier This Year

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You may have noticed that pumpkin spice, the wildly popular flavor that is NOT made from pumpkin, is popping up in August.


Pumpkin spice has infiltrated Cheerios, Milanos, and Krispy Kreme products right now, the New York Times reports, even though fall hasn’t even started yet. And what’s their excuse? People want it earlier. “We’ve seen our fans ask for pumpkin earlier and earlier each year,” Dunkin’ Donuts tells the paper.

Personally, I love this. Ever year I buy thousands of Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, which I consolidate and then pour into storage bins, which I freeze into giant pumpkin spice ice cubes. Every few weeks I chop a piece of it off and melt it on the stove so I can replicate the experience of ordering one during the real fall months!

Did I mention that I’ve also blocked out the windows of my apartment, plastering the glass with high-res photo murals of beautiful fall foliage? Every inch of the apartment is upholstered and blanketed with soft, cashmere cable-knit throws, as if my home were a snug, padded cell. The television only plays footage of a crackling fire and my fridge is stocked with 15 turkeys at any given time. Even when it’s not Halloween I try to call out to children in the neighborhood and lure them over to my home with candy. It never works but I just assume it’s because they don’t truly understand the beauty of fall!

But it’s worth noting that pumpkin spice might run the risk of being boring eventually. A brand strategist tells the paper: “Now it seems like it might be beating a dead horse a little bit.”

To each her own!

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jinni has to admit something here.

Her first introduction to ‘pumpkin spice’ was through memes such as these:

She laughed, too. What the hell was pumpkin spice, anyway?

One day at the supermarket, “pumpkin spice” was on sale. Less than one dollar. So, what the heck? She picked up a jar. Opened it at home. Inhaled. Heaven. Nutmeg, cloves, ginger, allspice.

The first thing she did was make the best curry of her life.

The second was to make the best root vegetable tagine.

It may be this:

But, damn, if it isn’t also this: