It's Time To Play "Blame Newt Gingrich's Wife!"

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After hearing that the entirety of Newt Gingrich's senior staff have all jumped ship, the media can only draw one conclusion: His wife is insane.

Barnes doesn't cite any sources-not even anonymous ones—but he says the aides were fed up with the amount of control Gingrich gave his wife, who essentially pushed for a part-time campaign. The final straw, apparently, was the Gingrichs' just-concluded two-week Mediterranean cruise, which Callista insisted on despite the staff's objections.


Cruises? Insistence? What a nut job!

But seriously, is there anything else we can pin on her? Something a bit more substantial, maybe?

In a New York Times profile last month, Callista was described as lukewarm about the prospect of a White House run. But Barnes says she had nonetheless supplanted Newt's oldest allies-including aide-de-camp Rick Tyler and Sam Dawson, who's been with Gingrich for more than thirty years-to become Newt's foremost adviser. With fundraising down, the staff believed Gingrich could not win without a vigorous campaign, so while he was away at sea, they planned their mutiny.


Oh. Well, it's no "boiling a rabbit." but it'll do.

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Image fail - picture in the reply of how Callista likely responded to these claims...