'It's Queer As Hell, Which Is Very Fun': The Favourite Explained

On Sunday we’ll be basking in yet another Oscars ceremony, this one with no host, fewer awards, and probably an exponential increase in disaster. To help prepare for the schadenfreude, we’ve enlisted our beloved former Jezebel Managing Editor Madeleine Davies to walk us through the plot of every Best Picture nominee.

In this edition, she tackles The Favourite, in which Olivia Colman delights the world as some petty shit goes down in a royal court and some queer sex is had. A good time for all!



I loved this movie SO MUCH. But I was watching it at a mid-day matinee in a kind of conservative area, and the theater was full of older couples. I think they thought they were going to see a more “typical” historical drama, and some of them were clearly, deeply confused by the whole thing. There were audible gasps, muttering, and pearl clutching at some of the more grotesque stuff. A few walked out.

Meanwhile, me (sitting up front right) and this one guy way in the back were the only ones laughing. Made an already kind of surreal-feeling movie even more so.