It's Only a Matter of Time Before Condé Nast Promotes Anna Wintour All The Way to 'God'

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Shut down your sniveling rumours, Anna Wintour will not be ceding her Vogue editorship to any of us lowly non-Anna Wintours anytime soon. According to WWD, Condé Nast CEO Roger Lynch released a memo noting that Wintour not only retains her editorship and position as Condé’s artistic director, but that she has been crowned with yet another title: “global content advisor.” WWD:

This new role will include direct oversight of Vogue International, a central hub for digital content across the brand, and she will “advise the executive leadership team on global content opportunities and act as a resource to editors in chief and editorial talent worldwide,” according to the memo.

While the job of “global content advisor” sounds extremely powerful and far-reaching, I’m not really sure that it’s important enough for Wintour’s outsized stature; perhaps we can get another rumor mill going and add some more erudite titles to her roster. She can be “Global Chief Head of the Starship” or “Superstar Leadership Bright Like the Sun” or “Director of Worldwide Brainspace” or, quite simply, God.

My biggest question here is, what’s God’s salary? And are the benefits good.

Wintour’s not the only one that Lynch wants to keep in the warm (cold) arms (tower) of 1 World Trade: New Yorker editor-in-chief David Remnick was reiterated in the memo as continuing his role, as if there was a “need publicly to reaffirm his position,” WWD speculates, “or maybe if Remnick was left off the announcement it would have raised eyebrows.”


Cannot have that! Read the full report at WWD for a litany of Condé C-Suite promotions, if you are into that!

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I think that’s a natural shift in the industry—everyone in media wants “content” in their title, or it implies that they only oversee print divisions, which is no longer the prestige position.