It's Like Raaaaaain On A Normal Day

Illustration for article titled Its Like Raaaaaain On A Normal Day

[Los Angeles, February 5. Image via Bauer-Griffin.]


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I love her. I've loved her since I was 8 and stole the copy of Jagged Little Pill that my brother had in his bookcase— he never noticed, because he never listened to it; I don't even know why he had it. I've bought every single CD she's ever done— yes, bought, with money, in a store, which I never do with music anymore. Her's was the first concert I ever bought tickets to with my own hard-earned money, and it was so worth it. I know people make fun of her, and I know Ironic doesn't really make sense because most of those things don't fit the definition of irony, but I will never stop loving this woman and the music that she makes and the way she makes me feel.