It's Crazy How Much Less Male Models Are Paid Compared to the Women

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Late last week, Forbes released a list of the highest-paid male models. At the top? Sean O'Pry, a 24-year-old from Kennesaw, GA, who earned about $1.5 million last year. A really nice chunk of change. But Gisele Bundchen, the highest-paid female model, made $42 million last year.

Nightline spoke with O'Pry — who is pictured above and has modeled for Armani, Versace, H&M, Hugo Boss, Jil Sander and Viktor & Rolf — and he seems fine with the modeling wage gap:

"I'm not going to be complaining about not making $42 million. ... At the end of the day I'm very, very blessed with what I do," O'Pry said. "I don't have to wear high heels and I don't have to wear bikinis, so I mean, more power to the ladies. I'm very happy with my career."


From September 2012 to September 2013, the top ten female models raked in about $83 million. In the same time period, the ten top-earning male models earned around $8 million. Just a little sliver of the pie. Why do the ladies of the modeling world make more? The answer is obvious: Women be shopping. As Nightline explains:

The men's clothing industry rakes in roughly $400 billion worldwide, but the women's clothing industry worldwide is worth about $621 billion. Female models at the top of the fashion industry have multi-million dollar contracts whereas the men largely are hired for photo shoots, Woodard said.

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Though the men don't make as much, like the ladies, they have to worry about their bodies and have their physiques scrutinized. David Gandy (at left) comes in at number 2 on the Forbes list, and reps for the "not skinny" (cough!):

Gandy said modeling was difficult for him at first. He started off doing catalog shoots at a time when even male models were expected to be ultra-thin and look almost feminine.

"I came into the industry with the Dior guy — very androgynous, skinny guys were the moneymakers in the industry," he told Nightline. "I didn't follow the crowd. I didn't follow the trends. I bucked the trends. Everyone was saying, 'You need to be skinny, you need to be skinny.' Your legs need to be thinner, and I am not a skinny guy."


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Yeah, but Gisele Bundchen makes a ton more money than Most female models. I think I saw a list one time that she makes exponentially more than the second female model on the list - who is someone like Kate Moss - who in turn makes Way more than the next model, etc...

In fact, I always laugh at people who blah blah blah talk about how much entertainers make. Entertainers make chump change compared to Wall Street guys.