It's Bitch Vs. Bitch When Real Housewives Visit The Fashion Show

In a Bravo marketing genius mashup, the ladies of The Real Housewives Of Orange County and The Real Housewives Of New Jersey were on the Isaac Mizrahi/Iman hosted Fashion Show last night. Let the bitchery begin!

First of all, Calvin Tran — whom we previously deemed The Bitchiest Bitch Who Ever Bitched — explained the difference between the OC ladies and the NJ ladies. One side is sparkles, one side is dark hair.


The contestants on The Fashion Show were supposed to give the Housewives a new, elegant, New York City socialite look. Kind of a makeunder/over. Calvin had thoughts about that, naturally.

Calvin was working with Teresa Guidice from RHONJ, and when she didn't like the first dress he made, he created another one. Then, when the other housewives chimed in with their opinions, Teresa (and one of Calvin's teammates) tried to get Calvin to create a third dress. That's when he went off.

Calvin also clashed with Caroline Manzo.

All in all, smart move, Bravo! When does Calvin get his own show?



I enjoyed Calvin's rants, but I really don't care about any of the RH franchises. Plus, I got really annoyed with the OC-er (Ashley?) who totally mangled the pronunciation of "décolletage." I always enjoy FS, though. Especially Isaac and Iman.