It Takes a Brave, Stupid Soul to Vandalize Marie Laveau's Tomb

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If one were to make a list of graves NOT to desecrate, you'd think the tomb of a famous voodoo priestess would appear pretty high on the list. And yet, reports that someone recently slipped into New Orleans' St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 and painted Marie Laveau's eternal resting place bright pink.

American Horror Story: Coven must be involved in this, somehow.

The act was most likely an attempted good deed, according to Renee Dodge, a local tour guide. Before, the tomb was covered in thousands of X's, drawn on by people petitioning Marie Laveau for favors from beyond the grave. "And that's the real desecration," she added.


Unfortunately, though, the rogue preservationist used latex paint, which will just trap moisture—"the single biggest threat to the survival of these brick-and-mortar tombs." Also, he/she/they painted the marble tablet on the front, and it doesn't take a PhD in cemetery maintenance to know that's not how you treat marble. A local nonprofit is looking for someone to remove the paint.

Personally, I'm not laying a finger on that tomb unless Marie Laveau herself appears to me in a dream and bids me to. Feel free to take your chances, though!

Image via AP, photo by Bill Haber

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Violet Baudelaire

Just a general note, it doesn't really matter who the deceased was, your beliefs, or why it was done: grave desecration = not hilarious or funny at all. It's fucking awful.