It’s a Very Slow Day For Gossip, So Here’s a Story About Liza Minnelli Moving in With a Gay Man

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As if the cold and the rain weren’t enough to make this Friday in New York City dreary as hell, the tabloid gods have added insult to injury by providing little nourishment for my gossip-hungry soul this morning. So, I regretfully inform you that the best piece of gossip is about Liza Minnelli moving across the country to live with the piano player she’s fallen in love with. His name is Michael Feinstein, and he’s married to a man.


In a video for Radar Online, gossip maven (and friend of DirtCast) Rob Shuter reports that 71-year-old Minnelli has “left New York and all her friends behind after almost 70 years to be with a gay piano player” in Los Angeles. “Since she’s been gone, her friends in New York have seen little” of her,” Shuter claims. “In fact, they’re even wondering what magical powers does Michael have over the icon.”

I’m guessing his magical power is treating Minnelli like the queen she is. Feinstein and his husband are probably good company, you know, and treat her to nice meals, nicer wine, and fabulous conversation. They probably have a lot of friends who pile the adoration on her, too. And when they’re all at home on a Saturday night, Minnelli knows Feinstein will always provide some accompaniment for her singing.

I dunno, living with rich, connected queer people in Los Angeles sounds like sort of an ideal situation for someone in their 70s who’s filled with life—especially one who’s not just a friend of Dorothy, but literally her daughter.

I mean, it’s definitely more fun than living in a retirement community for active seniors.

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Speaking of subpar celebrity gossip, Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin is splitting from her fiancé, Justin Hodak (it doesn’t matter, trust me), and a recent Instagram suggests she’s doing just fine. It is, in my opinion, a perfect statement, and celebrities could learn from its vague, optimistic, and satisfying brevity.


“I’ll be just fine.” That’s all you ever need to say. I love it.

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Kim got a haircut. (Again, slow news day.)


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