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It Looks Like They're Just Inventing New Characters for Mockingjay Now

Illustration for article titled It Looks Like Theyre Just Inventing New Characters for emMockingjay/em Now

In the latest Hunger Games casting news, actor Robert Knepper has been cast in the role of Antonius in Mockingjay.


"Who's the fuck is Antonius?" you might be asking yourself and the answer is nobody. He is literally nobody. Filmmakers just made him up for their own convenience, causing HG fans to be all "Exqueeze me? First you fail to cast Luke Pasqualino as Gale and now you start with this bullshit?" (Or maybe that's just me.)

Not really. So far people are being pretty cool about it, maybe because Mockingjay will be directed by Francis Lawrence — the same director who gained a lot of fan trust by directing the near-perfect Catching Fire.


Other things we know about Mockingjay?

1. It'll broken into two installments, which means you'll get to spend all of Mockingjay, Part I panicking over when it will cut off.

2. Julianne Moore has been cast as the cold and calculating Alma Coin and she will — without a doubt — kill it deader than the Hunger Games kills tributes.

Can't wait.

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I think it will cut off right when SPOILER Peeta wraps his hands around Katniss' neck. Fade to black. It's a natural pause (right after the rescue and before she goes into training) and would be very dramatic (which this dude seems to like).

As for this guy, I bet they add him because they are going to show some of what is happening in the capital during all this so they are going to have to make up a few characters.