It Just Doesn't Get Any More Chill Than This Dog Enjoying a Spa Day

This dog is absolutely savoring every moment of its bath, and I am so jealous.

So I went bouldering for the first time in a couple years the other day, and I can't even lift my arms to scratch the back of my neck. I just want to fall into a vat of Tiger Balm and then be airlifted to massage table where a million (super strong) kitties knead the knots in my back/arms/life into nonexistence. Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, what I'm really trying to say here is that I have never been more jealous of a dog in my entire life. It's just so. So chill.

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Allow me to translate;

Steve is that the good conditioner? The artisinal small batch free trade organic aloe lemongrass? Steve, "Yes". "Good, you know I like that, and let's not forget what happened the last time you used that bargain brand, I don't have to remind you about that fiasco do I?" "Fred! why cant you wait in the lobby like everyone else! Steve tell Fred to go wait in the lobby! "Steve, "Fred go!" "Oh Steve, you truly are an artist, this is easily the second best wash tub experience that I've had at this spa." "Yes stay on this arm for a while, it's been a rough week." "Fred, seriously why are you still here?" "Don't mind Fred Steve just keep the conditioner flowing." "Whoa watch those hand mister!" "Oh you were going for the leg" "Oh yeah, I swear Steve you should be given an honorary degree at this, it's that good." "Jesus Fred, drink with some dignity!" "We get it, you're drinking, the whole world doesn't need to hear about it!" "More conditioner?" "Well I trust you Steve." "Whatever you think is best," "Oh look, Mr. sloppy jowls is finished drinking, big hand of applause everyone Fred found a water dish and managed to get a small percentage of the water in his mouth!" "Fred, seriously go wait in the lobby!" Steve, "GO" "Oh thank god he's finally gone." "Steve, work that leg a little more."