It Is Time to Fuck

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This week, many straight and bi women are making plans to procure IUDs in the likely event that our access to birth control will be restricted under a Trump Presidency. I would also advise stocking up on morning-after pills, if you are capable, just to have them.

Another thing I would advise everyone to do is: fuck. So long as you do it safely—with birth control, and with condoms, because it’s not inconceivable that STI treatment will also be further endangered—spend the duration of the Obama Presidency having massive amounts of end-of-the-world sex.


After 9/11, there was a sense that everything had shifted, that it would never be the same—a similar feeling to the one that many of us are having right now. And if you recall, though everyone promised we would “never forget” back in 2001, there were short bursts of time when we really tried to: the times when we were desperately exercising our gluttony, which is to say engaging in as many acts of consensual adult sex as we possibly could want.


What better way to affirm life in the face of death?

What better inspiration to fuck than this collection of gifs of Jax Teller fucking?


The prospects of a post-Trump world are still unfathomable (though they’re also becoming gradually and painfully clear), and so after everyone procures their emergency contraception there is nothing left to do but make sure that shit works. I beseech you, coax yourselves into feeling at least temporarily (momentarily?) better in this new apocalypse. It is time for us all to fuck. Fuck for love, fuck for peace, fuck like you can never fuck again. It’s time to fuck.

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