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It Is Agreed That White Skittles Were a Bad Choice for Pride Month

Skittles, in a well-intended but tragically-fated campaign doomed to the American zeitgeist, removed its rainbow colors this month in honor of Pride with the slogan “During Pride, only one rainbow matters. So, we’ve given up ours to show our support.”


The white Skittle was conceived of last year by London-based ad agency adam&eveDDB for London Pride, but America is a nation divided, and Mashable notes that twitter is pointing out that maybe the idea could have gone through a few more edits because White [Skittles] for Pride [month]...oh.


Not everybody hates it:


At this writing, Skittles seems to have scrubbed its twitter and homepage of any mention of the white Skittle, or maybe it just doesn’t have a huge social media presence.

But there’s still room for spin on this marketing campaign! Do Skittles actually taste different? Or are they just different colors?


It’s Skittles time.

Staff reporter, Gizmodo. wkimball @ gizmodo

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Seriously? This is the hill we die on? What was meant to be a small token of support is turned into a point of outrage? Im sorry but the reason trump and his supporters continue to shit all over us is because we devote too much of our very limited resources to bullshit infighting in a hope to be wokest. Can we get over this - it’s a meaningless gesture of support and therefore can only be a meaningless point of anger. We waste our time on this while trump is tearing gown our civil liberty. Even 5 inches of column space is too much for this nonsense