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Issa Rae Explains That Fashion Week Picture

Illustration for article titled Issa Rae Explains That Fashion Week Picture
Screenshot: YouTube/Bravo

It’s Fashion Week, a fruitful period for awkward photos of misplaced celebrities sitting next to each other at shows. Case in point: this photo of Issa Rae sitting, inexplicably, next to Lisa Rinna and her two “model” daughters at New York fashion week.


The photo went viral, with people joking that Rae was “dissociating” in the photo, and how “it me,” etc.


But while on Watch What Happens Live, where she also came out as a Justin Bieber mustache supporter, Rae offered a little explanation as to what was going on here. “The photographer wasn’t trying to take a picture of me, so I just moved.” Ah, understandable! “She was also rubbing my shoulders a lot, so I wanted more shoulder room and that was it!”

Does she mean Lisa Rinna’s shoulder was rubbing hers or was Lisa Rinna rubbing Issa Rae’s shoulders? I choose to believe the latter.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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her side boob steals the show imho