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Isn't This Commercial For Jockey Underwear Weird?

If you clicked play on the video above and shut your eyes, you would hear the voice of a man discussing how it felt to become a father via adoption, and a certain happiness might wash over you. “What a nice story,” you’d think. “Isn’t becoming responsible for a life an unparalleled human act?”


If, however, you clicked play on the video above and kept your eyes wide open, you would hear what sounds like English words put together in ways that could probably be described as sentences, but wouldn’t take much away in terms of messaging. Probably because you’d be too busy wondering why there’s a muscular man wearing nothing but Jockey boxer briefs cuddling with his child while asking you to “#ShowEm your Jockey” for reasons that are never explained.

“Is this guy a fireman?” you’d ask yourself. “This guy looks like he could be a fireman.”

Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man

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