Isn't It About Time Jenelle Evans Stops Filming Teen Mom 2?

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is upset with MTV...again...about their editing this season and claims she’s reconsidering her involvement in the show.


True, she should go ahead and not be in it. Monday night’s Teen Mom 2 finale featured yet another contentious interaction between Jenelle and her screamy mom Barbara about who’s a more worthy caretaker for Jenelle’s 6-year-old son, Jace. Jenelle has another son, who’s almost 2, with her former fiancé Nathan, but Barbara has had custody of Jace for six years, after Jenelle signed him over.

In the clip above, Jenelle argues with Barbara on the phone about Jace’s weekend time. “Jenelle. Bring Jace home,” Barbara starts, which sets her daughter off. “Give him back to me. Because it’s been six years!” Jenelle yells. “I want to know why am I not allowed to have my son back? Why can I not have custody? Please tell me. I want to know a reason right now.”

Barbara’s reasoning, as usual, is that the guy in Jenelle’s life isn’t a healthy presence for Jace. “I’ll tell you one reason. Right now, this guy controlling you and he thinks he’s gonna take control of Jace.”

Jenelle has been vocal about what she views as a negative depiction on the show and once again threatened to leave (she has done this before, two years ago and in December after seeing the trailer). Days ago, she retweeted a Twitter user who wrote: “mtv needs to cut the bullshit. You and David are always doing productive activities with Jace. Definitely doesn’t look like.”

Through several seasons of Teen Mom, and ever since her debut on 16 & Pregnant, Jenelle has come across as arguably the most troubled and toxic cast member. She’s been arrested on several occasions, incurred multiple legal charges, including assault, been an alleged victim of domestic violence and most notably, had a sad ongoing custody fight with Barbara.


Probably doesn’t help that she’s had a camera on her during many of these battles. So now would be a good time, since she’s not at all a teen anymore and exceedingly fulfilled her duty as a cautionary tale, to follow through on her plan and get away from the cameras for good.


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Her eyebrows have gotten a lot better though.