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Isla Fisher Talks About the Time Her Mom Got Tea-Bagged

What should a morning show expect when they invite on three edgy young actresses to promote a dark and raunchy wedding comedy? Talk of lace frocks and little white gloves? Tips for being the ultimate hostess? A rousing discussion on needlepoint? No? How about some good ol' fashioned stories about tea-bagging, the act in which a gentleman most elegantly dips his balls onto the face and into the mouth of his partner?


That may not have been what GMA was expecting, but it's exactly what they got while interviewing Isla Fisher, Kirsten Dunst and Lizzy Caplan about their new movie Bachelorette. When asked to share a real life bachelorette experience, Isla Fisher told the story of the time she brought her mother to a strip club as a joke, only to have the experience backfire when her mom was brought on stage and tea-bagged in front of the entire audience. While both Caplan and Dunst caught on immediately, the anchor — a total L7 — kept asking, "Teabag her? What is tea-bagging?" The subject was only dropped once Dunst — perhaps the most seasoned of the interviewees — suggested that she Google it later so that they could move on.

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RaisedByHeathens Orange Meanie-Pants

this may be mean- but I'm not sure if I really understand Kirsten Dunst in this movie. Fisher and Caplan are already pretty accepted comedic actresses- is Dunst known for funny? Like I like her in dramatic roles- I loved the Virgin Suicides- I just can't think of anything where she's been funny.