Is Your Sperm Donor Dapper?

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Sperm donors are anonymous, but usually parties in search of quality DNA can get a few pertinent details: Race, hair color, eye color, education levels. But now, fashion sense will also be included.


According to the Telegraph The London Sperm Bank has put together an online database for clients who do not wish to travel to the clinic. The staffers are including "impressions' of each donor:

In the brochure, one is described by a member of staff as "softly spoken, introspective, deep thinking" with a "neat, relaxed style", the Daily Mail reported.
Another is described as having a "'rock star image' in terms of appearance but not at all in lifestyle or confidence".


While it's cool that the ladies and gentlemen shopping for spunk are being offered this additional information, one has to wonder: Does it matter? Is fashion sense genetic? Sometimes preppy moms have goth kids and stylish kids have completely unhip parents and so on. It's understandable why a woman might hope that her mysterybabydaddy is not a slob… but even a sloppy guy would probably dress up a little for sperm donation day. Or maybe that's expecting too much. Anyway, a quick glimpse at the site does give some fun descriptions: Would you like the Portuguese motorcycle mechanic, the Indian musician who's maybe won a Grammy, or the green-eyed graphic designer?

Sperm Bank To Promise Well-Dressed Donors In New Online Catalogue

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I think style is partly innate. Some things can be learned, but some people just naturally know how to dress themselves well without much external input. I've seen some very stylish people with not so stylish parents, so clearly they didn't learn it from their families.

I'm picturing amusing conversations at the clinic though.

"What about this one? He has a graduate degree and a very successful career"

"Yes, but has he ever been guilty of double denim?"