Is Your Shitty Boss Making You Work Thanksgiving? Vent About It Here.

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There's something particularly awful about forcing your employees to work on Thanksgiving — a secular holiday that's all about being thankful for what you have — all so that other people can buy a whole bunch of shit that they probably don't need. And yet that's exactly what retailers across the country will be doing tomorrow when they open their doors early for Black Friday shoppers.

Von Diaz and Erin Zipper over at Colorlines accurately accused major U.S. retailers of slowly turning Thanksgiving into Black Thursday and backed up their claim with one of the most demoralizing infographics you'll see this holiday season. According to their sources, more retail employees will be working tomorrow than ever before — and most of them will be working for minimal pay. Unfortunately, since most retail workers live just above, on, or below the poverty line, they have little choice but to accept the extra hours. (Hahaha, as if it was voluntary.)

What about you? Are you working on Thanksgiving? Have you ever worked on Thanksgiving? What's the most horrible thing you've ever seen a shopper do? Let's unleash all of our Black Thursday/Friday woes right here and then plot to undo the stronghold of consumerism or something. Viva la revolución and viva your right to eat pumpkin pie with your friends and family tomorrow instead of going to work.


Retailers Turn Thanksgiving Into Black Thursday [Infographic] [Colorlines]

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I'm Canadian - so I work this week, because it's a normal week for us.

BUT - I feel the need to bitch about the rampant buying of useless crap this weekend. I write for radio - and the amount of Black Friday ads I have written in the past week has been insane. It's stupidity. WTF?

Why... When...How did this Black Friday shit start???

Black Friday has been creeping up into Canada probably for the last 20 years...all because of AMERICAN Black Friday sales - our stores feel the need to compete, because they're losing money to all the consumers flocking south. I have never gone south to shop Black Friday sales - I don't plan on it.

And I just want to say... "I HATE BLACK FRIDAY AND ALL THE SALES THAT GO ALONG WITH IT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!"