Is This the Plot of Arrested Development's 5th Season?

During an interview at this year’s Comic-Con, Jessica Walter (with the blessing of creator Mitchell Hurwitz) revealed what seems to be the setup for Arrested Development’s fifth season. In the video, reported by Vanity Fair, Walter discusses calling Hurwitz and asking for information about the show’s next chapter. He told her to share the following details:

“Now that Buster has been arrested for the murder of Liza Minnelli, we’re very anxious to get the show started.”



Does this mean Lucille 2 is dead? Does this mean the real Liza Minnelli is dead? Is Hurwitz lying just so we write about his show some more? Only time will tell, but because Walter didn’t follow her scoop with a wink, I’m going to go ahead and believe her.


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Life In Spandex

I think we all know who the REAL murderer is...