Is This Bizarre Gym Ad Guilty of Bodybuilder Snarking?

Anyone who's familiar with Planet Fitness ads knows that their message, basically, is that people of average physical fitness can workout in a Planet Fitness without fear of being menaced by steroidal mutants. Sometimes, this message is conveyed clearly, and other times...this happens. Are flaccid-armed men being menaced by female bodybuilders in muscle gyms across the country? Is this commercial somehow saying that female bodybuilders look like men? Were gym bathrooms at Planet Fitness unisex and now are not? There are just so many feelings to be felt after watching this weird ad, but one thing seems pretty obvious — if this were a real men's locker room, there'd be like fifteen old naked guys ambling around at zombie-speed, hiding behind corners to scare younger gym goers with their old balls.

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Yeah, what is with old naked guys in gyms? Every guy friend I know who goes to the gym always complains about the old guys who just wander around buck naked and take forever getting dressed; apparently every men's change room has old naked men in it just hanging out and talking to other old naked men. Even in the university gym in our town there are apparently old naked guys taking up all the benches and sitting in the sauna naked. There just isn't a comparison in a ladies locker room; the old dears might take forever to get dressed, but they don't stand around having naked conversations. The only thing I've seen that comes close was a European (I think she was French or something) woman who always went into the sauna naked, even though everyone else wore a towel or a bathing suit. She was the only completely naked person in a room full of people who are somewhat covered, and many of them were not at all cool with it. Being nearsighted as all get out, I didn't really care; I'm not sure I'd want to be the only naked person in a community fitness center sauna though.

Canada isn't really a naked sort of place.