Is This Big Ole Rocket on NASA's Instagram Actually a Dick, Y or N

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Dear readers, please tell me: is this pic of a rocket covered in pink paint NASA posted to their Instagram on Thursday a dick or what?


According to NASA’s official account, what I first thought to be an artistic rendering of a giant’s priapism-inflicted junk is actually an aeronautical model covered in pressure-sensitive paint. As per the pic’s caption, the bright pink paint is used to “test new aircraft designs that could cut fuel use in half, pollution by some 75% and noise to nearly one-eighth of what it is today.”

That’s all well and good, but I’m also pretty sure it’s a penis.

Okay, technically it’s a “generic launch vehicle model” covered in pressure-sensitive-paint. Right, I get it. But then again, it’s pink and obviously throbbing in all of its ultraviolet glory, and I’m sure Donald Trump and his medium-sized hands are very, very jealous of it right now. So that should count for something, right?

Also, two words: “pressure sensitive.”

Though I fully intend to contact NASA’s top rocket experts with the hope of confirming exactly how phallic this obviously phallic object is, I realize I have no idea how to even begin composing an email like that. Should I just send eggplant emojis? Is there a style guide for this? Please send help.

P.S. NASA, if you’re reading—DM me.

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Former nasa rocket scientist here: yep. All rockets and many other parts of satellites look like penises. Next question: how many awkward silences ensue when your the first woman in the propulsion branch and it’s obvious that before you got there the parts were referred to as penis parts....