Illustration for article titled Is This Baltimore Sublet the Cutest Craigslist Ad of All Time?

Weird—I hadn't realized until just now how much I want to sublet a $250 room in Baltimore! If the marketing fairy is reading this post, hurry up and give the virtuoso who wrote this Craigslist ad a job. And if any of you are looking for a cheap, cute room in Baltimore, snap this one up so I can live vicariously through you.


The charm is in the hilariously annotated photographs, so make sure to click through. My favorite parts:

The Front Hallway! This is not a very important part of the house!

Pretty Fast Internet!

The Kitchen! It's got all the stuff!!

The Shire (This is as far as you can go before you are officially on an adventure)

[Aerial view of nextdoor] HOT BABES PROBABLY LIVE HERE

Anyway, this post does it no justice, so go look for yourself. Consider me charmed.

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