Is the End of RuPaul's Drag Race Nigh?

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Is the titular host of RuPaul’s Drag Race looking to leave the show? Ru hasn’t said anything about ending his run on the Emmy Award-winning VH1 series, but some new developments have me wondering if he might be eyeing the exit.


RuPaul’s currently working on a talk show pilot for the same production company that makes The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Variety reports. If picked up, the show will “consist of a mix of celebrity interviews, beauty and glam tips, games and pop culture dish” and feature Ru’s fellow Drag Race judge and What’s the Tee? podcast co-host Michelle Visage to some degree.

That’s not the only new show Ru’s working on right now. There’s also a Hulu series in development based on his life and an upcoming Netflix show called A.J. and the Queen, not to mention Gay for Play, the Match Game-like Logo game show he’s been hosting for a little over two years, and a recurring role on the fourth season of Broad City. He’s definitely been working on expanding his portfolio over the past few years, and a daytime talk show seems like a natural fit for the onetime host of late ‘90s VH1 talk show The RuPaul Show.

The filming demands of a daytime talk show do seem pretty grueling, especially if it’s producing five new episodes a week. Would this as yet untitled program, should it get picked up, spell the end of RuPaul’s run hosting Drag Race? The show can exist without its titular star, if Drag Race Thailand is anything to go by. We reached out to RuPaul’s agent for comment and will update the story when we hear back. 

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I’d be at peace with that. Can you imagine another queen, maybe Bianca, as the head judge?