Is Taylor Swift Building Her Own Winchester Mystery House? I Say Yes

Image via Getty/AP/My incredible Photoshop skills
Image via Getty/AP/My incredible Photoshop skills

Taylor Swift already owns a massive Tribeca penthouse but she’s reportedly buying even more New York real estate close by for unknown reasons. Reasons that I believe are directly related to ghosts.

Curbed reports that Swift bought another two-story unit in the 155 Franklin Street building where she owns the penthouse. And she also purchased a townhouse right next to her building at 153 Franklin Street, which means she owns $50 million worth of real estate on the block alone. But what in the world is she doing with all of that space? A tipster speculated to Tribeca Citizen that she might break through the townhouse to connect the units, even though that would be difficult.

Personally, I think she’s building her own NYC-based Winchester Mystery house. Hear me out.


If you don’t know what the Winchester Mystery house is, aside from the subject of a movie starring Helen Mirren that nobody is going to see: it’s a San Jose-based mansion that has a weird history. It used to be the home of Sarah Winchester who inherited over $20 million in the 1880s after her husband, heir to a famous rifle manufacturer, died. In 1886 she purchased a small California farmhouse and began to renovate it for the next 36 years, eventually turning it into a mansion that boasted over 160 rooms, 40 bedrooms, 10,000 windows, and two basements.

But the mansion is also sort of a mindfuck. You can’t even walk through some of the doors, and if you walk through a few of them they lead you to nowhere, like a 15 foot drop into the garden. Staircases lead to ceilings, windows are built into floors, some rooms are totally sealed off. The story goes that Winchester built the house this way because she was terrified of the ghosts she believed were haunting her family. A medium reportedly told her that she would be haunted by the ghosts of Winchester rifle victims unless she built a house to confuse them. Because nothing confuses a ghost more than a weird set of fake stairs!

Which leads me to Taylor. Certainly the girl loves mansions (just look at her Rhode Island home) but she also believes in ghosts. “You say sorry just for show,” she warned (to possibly Katy Perry) on “Bad Blood.” “If you live like that, you live with ghosts.” She also metaphorically killed and resurrected herself this year. We’ve barely seen her this album cycle outside of a few promotional performances. Swift is the most reclusive she’s ever been and has the most “enemies” thusfar in her career, as she openly admitted on Reputation. Girl’s got ghosts!


Wouldn’t it make perfect sense, then, that she’d build a gigantic, luxury Manhattan maze of a mansion to elude paparazzi, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and whoever else might be haunting her mind? Just imagine it: you’re a ghost casually walking down one glamorous penthouse hallway looking to spook Taylor Swift and potentially drag her back to the afterlife. But you can’t get there, because you’ve fallen through a trap door into a sealed-off room decorated exclusively with photos of her and Karlie Kloss’ 2015 Vogue shoot.


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Dave Haaz-Baroque

As a Bay Area resident I’ve gone to the Winchester Mystery House maybe half a dozen times; it’s a phenomenal visit if you get the chance. I’m completely on board with the theory that Swift’s building an East Coast version.

My only fear is that Olivia Benson will forever wander the mysterious halls and never be seen by human eyes or Instagram again. Because in any Taylor Swift scenario, I’m always thinking about the impact on Olivia Benson.