Illustration for article titled Is Taking A Bath The Cure For Chronic Loneliness?

It's not even the end of the day and we're already reading a lot about how lonely everyone presumably is.


Thankfully, if you find you're in need of a pick-me-up, there are a few cures of the non-vinyl baby variety:

Scientists analyzed the bathing habits of 51 people. And had them record how they felt before and after bathing. The researchers found that higher scores on a measure of chronic loneliness were associated with an increase in warmer baths or showers. In a separate study, to test the link between physical temperature and emotional state, scientists had subjects hold cold and hot packs and recorded levels of perceived loneliness. They confirmed the correlation between cold packs and high loneliness scores.

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Now I feel bad because I don't have a tub. And a stinky shower.