Is SyFy's New Series The Internet Ruined My Life About Everyone on the Internet?

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Even if The Internet Ruined My Life, SyFy’s upcoming unscripted series, ends up being a very bad show, it will at least go down in history as having one of television’s very best names. Can’t you just hear someone you know—or even yourself—say those words and meaning them?


“The internet ruined my life.”

“The internet ruined my life.”

It’s a sad thing to hear spoken, but it’s also said by people with great stories to tell.

Writes Variety:

“The Internet Ruined My Life” will expose the unexpected perils of living in a social-media obsessed world. Each episode will tell real-life stories of people who had posts, tweets or status updates backfire — from an innocent tweet that caused two traveling friends to be detained and suspected of potential terrorism, to a hashtag that unleashed death threats and a sniper outside a young woman’s window, to a profile picture that got transformed into a hateful meme shared by hundreds of thousands, the series tells each story through gripping first-person accounts.

I guess SyFy is officially a horror network now!

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Global Beet

The god damn suits who run that abysmal channel need to bring back Stargate Universe for a proper final season. I don’t care if they have to bring in new actors.

Also, where the fuck is my Stargate Atlantis movie? As far as I know none of the actors are currently working, including Khal Drogo. I’m still waiting on that shit.

Also, there is literally no excuse for them to not have made Blood and Chrome into a proper series or given Caprica a series finale.

But no, instead they do wrestling shows and movies like Sharknado vs Human Centipede 17. Fuck *SciFi is basically my point.

*I fucking refuse to refer to it by that name.