Is Sprite Trying to Degrade Anyone Besides Their Own Copywriting Team With These Ads?

These ads for Sprite seem to be trying to make a comment on sexual promiscuity, for some reason. This doesn’t seem like the purview of lemony fizzling sugar water, but I don’t know Sprite’s life.


The ads have appeared in Ireland on billboards and websites with the hashtag #BrutallyRefreshing, which critics are using on Twitter to criticize the brand’s “slut-shaming.” Though it is very confusing who is being slut-shamed here. Soda?

Wait, no, the soda is the one giving advice. About women? I agree that it’s generally safe to infer that crass ads referring to sex most likely disparage women, but the only gendered copy here is “She’s seen more ceilings than Michelangelo.” Let’s remember that Michelangelo only saw one ceiling, but for a very long time. We should all be so lucky to find a relationship like Michelangelo had with the Sistine Chapel.

The rest of Sprite’s billboards remark on things like popularity and the Walk of Shame. They could be heard in the voice of a very drunk bro who wants to let women know that they have sex too much, then twist off the ole Green Cap for a refreshing blast of piss-colored organ Draino. However, this campaign doesn’t make me think Sprite hates women so much as they hate clarity, consistency of voice, and an understanding of their own brand. #BrutallyRefreshing

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Aimée Lutkin

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