Is Rita Ora Macking on Jay Z (Again)?

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Shit goes down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator—and when it appears that a woman named Rita Ora is macking on Beyoncé’s husband.


I’m talking Met Gala (yeah, still), of course—where (uncredited; otherwise I’d post ‘em here) photos show Ms. Ora resting her chin on Jay Z’s shoulder, arms possibly (?) wrapped around his waist, while Hova tenderly? annoying? tucks his fingers alongside her cheek.

Now: the two have a professional relationship within the music industry—she’s a protégée of Roc Nation—but...I don’t know. Could be that he’s flicking her away with an index finger; could be that they’ve got some sort of big brother/little sister kinship going on. But, the two have raises eyebrows before—including speculation that Rita (or Rachel Ray, or any other number of Hollywood/entertainment industry women) was the cause of the fight between Hova and Solange at last year’s Met Gala. One thing’s for sure: the Beyhive is NOT having any of it and to be honest, I’d be more scared of them and their fierce loyalty to the Queen than Bey and her entourage themselves.


Here’s what Yoncé has to say about that.


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That’s not Jay caressing her cheek. That’s Puff’s hand his shoulder. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jay in a pinky ring.

ETA: He has worn one, but I still think that’s Puff’s hand.