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Is Prince George the World's Smartest Baby?

Illustration for article titled Is Prince George the Worlds Smartest Baby?

It was reported today that Prince George responded to news that his father, Prince William, was in China by running to the nearest China cabinet and looking inside. The adorable little story, told by Kate Middleton to Florida’s News-Press, first appeared on People with the headline “Is Prince George the World’s Smartest Baby?” Not long after, the headline was changed to “Prince George May Be the World’s Smartest Baby.”


Why the sudden change, People? Were you afraid of what the response to such a controversial question would be? Were you scared of the truth? Take our short poll so we can let People know what actual people think about Prince George and his cognitive ability.


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Enjoy it while it lasts, kid. Being a smart kid is hell as an adult. People have so many expectations for you, so many goals, so many AP classes. You have so much promise as a young thing, so bright and clever, and suddenly you look around and you’re sitting in your pajamas, watching Netflix, doing nothing with your life but F5ing Gawker sites and watching the dirty tea mugs on your desk reproduce when you aren’t looking.