Is Orlando Bloom Taking Dating Advice From Leonardo DiCaprio?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

You’ve likely heard that Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry recently concluded their year-long romance. Now Bloom—the man I most associate with elves who state the obvious—is sowing his wild oats. He’s “casually” dating Nina Dobrev and putting moves on model Ashley Haas. In fact, Dobrev was even present during the shenanigans with Haas. Apparently it’s the O-Bloom comeback tour: he’s keen for everyone to know that he’s a wild boy.


This behavior, taken on its own, is not unusual. People often indulge their ids after ending a longterm relationship, but in this case there may be an additional factor: Leonardo DiCaprio. Celebrity gossip virtuoso Lainey Gossip surmises that Leo has instructed his pal to keep things loose.

“Getting ‘casual’ with Nina and then humping a model five minutes later at Coachella is exactly what’s been prescribed to him. By whom? I’ll say Leonardo DiCaprio,” LG hypothesizes.

By now, Leo’s own dating habits are infamous. He almost exclusively dates models who are in their twenties, and he seems happily situated as a bachelor. He also always attends Coachella. If Orlando and Leo are hitting the town together, it’s not far-fetched to think that the latter is influencing the former. And as LG points out, Perry, who is over 30 and increasingly political, would never catch Leo’s eye. She may have been a worthwhile pursuit when Bloom’s own popularity needed a boost, but that mission has more or less been accomplished. Here’s LG again:

“ get out as soon as you take what you came for. Which, I’m sure, Leo could understand. What he might probably have a harder time with is being with a woman who’s not only no longer in her 20s, but who has opinions. Who is getting more and more political. Who is becoming more and more active in lobbying for women’s rights. Who is more and more interested in using her voice. It’s not like there are talking roles for women in Leo’s world.”

Yikes. That’s harsh—but it sounds on the mark.

[Lainey Gossip]

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Orlando Bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio are just two tools in a shed.