Is Mitt Romney Really Winning Over Women?

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Despite his party's official avowal of intense anti-women sentiment (the GOP's platform is like a Greatest Hits collection of ways that women are inferior to men/zygotes/rapists/everyone), GOP women apparently developed a big fat crush on Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention.


According to a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, a record 87 percent of Republicans are now reporting positive views of Romney, and most notable frightening is that his approval has jumped 20 points among GOP women.

As you may have noticed from the keynote speeches/general overwhelming pinkness at both the Republican and Democratic conventions, both candidates are doing their very best to convince women that they understand the challenges they face, since the woman's vote might decide who gets to be president come November. Is it possible that Romney actually resonated with women for once?

Based on other poll results, it's more likely that Republicans just really, really hate Obama; unfavorable views of the current president hit a new high of 90 percent among Republicans. Don't freak out just yet/wonder why no one seems to notice that the Republicans don't really give a shit about women; Romney still lags behind Obama in terms of popularity (47 percent view him positively compared to 43 percent for Romney), and independents are still unconvinced.

"Obama continues to do considerably better than Romney among moderate, 57-40 percent favorable-unfavorable for the president versus 36-54 percent for his challenger," poll analyst Gary Langer said. "Both are struggling among independents, often swing voters, and the predominant political group in recent years. They see Obama more unfavorably than favorably by a scant 6-point margin; Romney, by 17."

Also: according to the US News & World Report, some political pundits think this survey might be an outlier. Here's hoping!


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To be fair, a lot of women prioritize many other things over and above reproductive rights when voting, especially since the last credible threat to overturning Roe was 20 years ago, and failed. Unless Republicans got 60 votes in the Senate (not happening) it would be impossible. Even with the Senate votes, the odds of succesively replacing 3 uphold votes with 3 overturn votes is slim to none.

If you're a mother, the burden the national debt imposeson your kids is a much bigger deal.